PRVNT Officers Arrest Two On Warrants, one escapes and is wanted again

PRVNT Officers Arrest Two On Warrants, one escapes and is wanted again

Suspects Were Holed Up In a Motel

SEASIDE—Agents from the Peninsula Regional Violence Narcotics Team (P.R.V.N.T.) found a wanted vehicle in the parking lot of a motel on North Fremont, and arrested the owner Freddy Swanson on a felony warrant out of the City of Monterey. He is now wanted and considered dangerous once again.

Last Thursday, December 18, at 1 p.m. Agents from P.R.V.N.T. spotted a vehicle that wanted for a prior vehicle pursuit that resulted in a hit-and-run. They located it outside a motel in the 2000 block of North Fremont in Monterey. The agents had been also looking for the owner for several days as an accessory to a strong arm robbery that occurred in Monterey.

North Fremont in Monterey is home to 7 motels on the block, including Quality Inn, where Juan Watson (below) was apprehended.

North Fremont in Monterey is home to 7 motels on the block, including Quality Inn, where Juan Watson (below) was apprehended.

But agents also had information that Swanson was in possession of a firearm. Agents from P.R.V.N.T. along with officers from Monterey Police Department and the Monterey County Probation Department surrounded the room and order him out. He obliged and exited the room, but then he attempted to flee.

Officers quickly apprehended him and took him into custody without further incident. They found that he indeed had a firearm on his person that was reported stolen from a residential burglary in Monterey. Agents also arrested Casey Kenyon, who was in the motel room at the time of incident. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Swanson was arrested for the warrant, for being in possession of a firearm and ammunition, controlled substance for sale, accessory to robbery and arresting arrest. But while in custody, on Christmas morning, he reportedly climbed up a 45-degree angle ventilation duct, punched out a four foot by two foot window, and made his way to the roof of the jail. from there, he jumped and made a successful escape. A Be-On-The-Lookout warning has been issued for him statewide, and he may be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone seeing him is urged to call 9-1-1.

Update: The Salinas Californian has reported that Swanson was found on Sunday, January 11 in Seaside. He was located at a business on Canyon Del Rey Blvd., and was in possession of both Methamphetamine and heroin. He was re-arrested without further incident. Additional update: On February 10, 2015, the Monterey Co. District Attorney announced that Freddy Swanson pleaded guilty to charges of escaping jail, drug and weapons charges, and auto theft. He is due for sentencing on March 3. Clifford Kemper also pleaded guilty to aiding Swanson and will be sentenced to two years.

Juan Demetrius Watson

Juan Demetrius Watson

Agents had also arrested Juan Demetrius Watson at a hotel on the same street two weeks prior after he was found to be wanted on a $230,000.00 warrant. He was located and arrested at the Quality Inn on December 5. Watson is currently being held on 1,000.0000.00 bail, facing charges of attempted murder of his ex-wife, dissuading a witness, threats of violence, and possession of a controlled substance. He was also charged with driving without a license, driving while his license was suspended, and with a headlight out, along with the warrant for failure to appear in court, and charges of possession of a firearm – a sawed off shotgun – by a convicted felon.

Though his charges are not nearly as serious as the other two men’s, Casey Kenyon has made a habit of getting arrested recently. He shows a record of seven arrests this year alone, with three different reported residences, in Seaside, Salinas, and Carmel Valley. In fact, since being found with Swanson, he was arrested once again on December 22 for possession of drugs for sale. His six other arrests this year were all for possession of controlled substances and possession for sale, and possession of paraphernalia. Records show at least four prior arrests since 2010 for drug charges and probation violations.

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