Robbery suspect on parole solicits murder of police

Robbery suspect on parole solicits murder of police

SAN JOSE – On Tuesday, Dec 16, Milpitas Law Enforcement officers were informed of possible street gang activity involving 24-year-old Victor Ryan Villegas and 20-year-old Amanda Desiree Gonzalez, who were found to be soliciting murder against local law enforcement agencies. Gonzalez and Villegas face up to thirteen felony counts for possession of a firearm and solicitation to commit murder.

These counts include: PC 30605(a), possession of multiple AK 47 assault weapons, PC 186.22, participation in a criminal street gang, owning and or possession of a firearm by a felon under PC 29800(a)(1), as Villegas had previously been convicted of robbery. Villegas also faces charges for possession and purchasing a firearm under PC 211/212.5 (c). He was charged with carrying a loaded firearm under PC 25850(a), because he had a .22 caliber semi automatic handgun when arrested.

Villegas from his Facebook page, with who he identified as "My girl" - likely  Amanda Gonzalez

Villegas from his Facebook page, with who he identified as “My girl” – likely Amanda Gonzalez

Villegas had solicited an undercover officer online and offered to commit the crime of murder, using Facebook communications. Amanda Desiree Gonzalez was also believed to be working in concert with Villegas in his offer to solicit the purchase of an assault rifle, under PC 30605(a). Gonzalez was also charged with PC 32, from harboring Villegas while knowing he was on parole for several armed robberies, and in possession of multiple firearms.

Detectives learned in December that Villegas was using a Facebook account in which he posted as Nuestra Lucha. The account was used to post numerous photos of him posing with firearms and sports memorabilia. During the initial finding, Villegas had posted an image of an unknown male suspect firing into a marked patrol vehicle. The caption read, “When this starts to happen you’ll know why.” Villegas commented, “Who’s down to from a group and go cop killing inbox me.”

A Milpitas Police Under Cover Officer, using a false name, befriended Villegas, and they in turn texted each other using the Facebook messenger service. The officer offered to provide Villegas with guns. During several days of texting, Villegas requested to buy an AK 47 for $600. During several rounds of communications Villegas sent photos of sports hats with loaded weapons that he had in his possession.

According to a post on that account, Villlegas had recently been released from prison, on September 6 of this year.

Villegas was working at a restaurant, and had asked the undercover agent to meet him near the area before purchasing the assault rifle. Villegas and Gonzalez arrived together at 300 West Calaveras Blvd, in Milpitas. The agent met him inside the restaurant where Villegas worked. They talked privately about targeting law enforcement officers, in which they would call about “suspicious persons” to local dispatch centers, and ambush the responding officers.

A sting was set up for the purchase of multiple assault rifles by the suspect. Once Villegas, in his vehicle, handed officers $600 for the AK 47, and another down payment of $50 for another weapon, the agent gave the arrest signal and Milpitas PD SWAT Team moved in and used a flash bang grenade to try and stun Villegas. While Gonzalez was recovered from the vehicle, Villegas jumped a wall and tried to escape into a residential area, while he tossed his loaded handgun onto the roadway during his attempted escape.

The gun that was tossed on the ground appeared to be identical to one seen photographed with Villegas. Other guns and items were located in the vehicle and home following the issuance of a search warrant.

The next court date has been scheduled for Jan 16, 2014 in Dept 34 at 9:00 AM in front of the Honorable Shelyna V. Brown.

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