Don’t Answer the Door, It’s Not Avon Calling

Don’t Answer the Door, It’s Not Avon Calling

Victim Trusted Her Instincts And Called Police

SALINAS—This time of the year there are legitimate solicitors looking for donations for all kinds of different charities. But if anyone shows up at your door with no identification, please don’t let them in the house.

On Wednesday November 26, The Salinas Police Department was notified about a man going door–to-door claiming to be testing the water in the area of North Salinas. But a search of the area did not produce any suspects.

In the preliminary investigation, the victim told police that a hispanic man in his late 40’s, around 6-foot, thin build with an acne complexion and wearing a black leather jacket and dark color jeans knocked on her door claiming to be there to test her water. The victim thought this was odd because she did not have any problems with her water. The victim looked at the suspect through a peephole in the door and saw that he did not have any identification. “He called her by name and requested to be let in to test the water” recalled the victim.

She felt very uneasy about this because he knew her name. She recalls that he even told her that it was a good idea not to open the door to strangers, but that it was OK because he was fine. She called the police but the suspect left before they arrived.

“We searched the area but did not fine anyone matching the description. While we do not know this man’s intentions, it is clear that he had no business knocking on this woman’s door requesting to be let inside.”  A Salinas Police Spokesperson wrote in a press release, “She trusted her instincts and refused to open the door.”

The Salinas Police Department reminds people that if you see something suspicious, trust your instinct and call police.

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