Drug dealer and wife out for an evening ride end up in jail

Drug dealer and wife out for an evening ride end up in jail

Lonnie Ray Scott and his wife, Michelle Lynn Havens were out for a ride on his motorcycle last Tuesday night. They were in the north part of Kelseyville, in the flat farmland area heading down Cal Packing Road at 10:15 in the evening on November 4. They hit Finley Road and turned left to go towards Kelseyville, but did not bother to stop at the sign. A patrol deputy in the area witnessed this, and began to follow.

According to Steve Brooks of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, the deputy observed the pair on the motorcycle, noticing they seemed to have difficulty maintaining balance, and that the driver was not maintaining his normal speed. As Finley Road becomes Big Valley Road, they continued on, and turned left onto Merritt, and once again blew through a stop sign at Merritt and Gunn as they entered the main part of Kelseyville. Having seen them violate at least two stop signs, the deputy turned on the lights to make a traffic stop.

The driver of the bike seemed to take notice finally of the deputy, but instead of pulling over he accelerated, driving through central Kelseyville, ignoring several more stop signs and speeding. Meanwhile, during this pursuit, the deputy witnessed the driver or his passenger throwing things onto the side of the road.

The pair continued through town and got to Highway 29 and continued south. A red light at the Soda Bay Road intersection did not slow them down – they crossed the double yellow lines and headed into the opposite lanes, turning left onto Soda Bay. They continued, now northeast into the Clearlake Riviera area, turning on Point Lakeview Road towards the shore of Clear Lake. After 15 miles and 17 minutes, the chase ended at Marina Drive, a dead end road of homes with a beautiful view of the lake. They were taken into custody, and identified as Lonnie Ray Scott, 43, and Michelle Lynn Havens, 48. Havens identified herself as Scott’s wife.

Marijuana, syringes, a digital scale, and crystal meth were found in the motorcycle.

Marijuana, syringes, a digital scale, and crystal meth were found in the motorcycle.

The reason Scott was so intent on escaping the pursuing deputy became very clear. A search of the motorcycle revealed a duffle bag with 19 pounds of marijuana, a digital scale hypodermic needles and syringes. Scott had on him a large quantity – 7.39 grams – of methamphetamine, along with a meth pipe, a baggie of marijuana, and a needle and syringe.

Havens claimed that she had repeatedly told her husband to stop, and that she was not the one throwing items on the road during the chase. (Deputies searched the area and located several needles and syringes on the roadside.) Though there is no reason to doubt her claim that they were married, it does appear that the two are separated, and that the destination, in spite of the long police chase, appeared to be Havens’ residence on Marina Drive, where the chase concluded. As recently as September, however, when arrested on an outstanding warrant, she claimed the same residence as Scott, on Konocti Road, east of the main town Kelseyville.

Misty Scott, Lonnie's sister (Facebook)

Misty Scott, Lonnie’s sister (Facebook)

Scott and Havens made headlines before. According to a story in the Lake County Record Bee, a SWAT team raid on a meth lab resulted in the arrest of Scott and his sister, Misty Scott at a home on Cole Creek Road in rural southern Kelseyville. Two boys, aged 5 and 12, who were the children of Scott and Havens, and a 9-year-old girl, Misty Scott’s daughter, were on the premises during the raid. Lonnie and Misty Scott were charged with manufacturing a controlled substance and child endangerment, and Havens was charged with child endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia and a syringe.

In this latest incident, Scott was arrested on charges of evading a peace officer, possession of a controlled substance for sale and paraphernalia, being under the influence, and destroying or concealing evidence. Michelle Havens was charged with being under the influence. Both were booked at the Hill Road Correctional Facility.

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