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Archaeologist? Sexual Predator? Meth Head?

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office and local Police Departments recently conducted a training session titled “Archaeological Violation Investigation Course”, and with the help of representatives from many of the area tribes,


Drug dealer and wife out for an evening ride end up in jail

Lonnie Ray Scott and his wife, Michelle Lynn Havens were out for a ride on his motorcycle last Tuesday night. They were in the north part of Kelseyville, in the


Lake County makes major October drug busts

Autumn is here, and for many that means harvesting summer crops before the frost sets in. That holds true whether the crops are legal or illegal, and the Lake County


Reckless driver caught carrying meth, pot and a wad of cash

CLEARLAKE – LAKE COUNTY – Perhaps it is because they are often clouded with the drugs they are carrying, or maybe they just have other things on their minds, but


Suspected marijuana farming couple arrested

UPPER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – Detectives from the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task force headed up north along Highway 20 into the wooded hills above Clear Lake and the town of Upper

Butte Lake

Senior from Chico arrested with friend in Lake County

A 74-year-old man in Clearlake Oaks and was arrested last week with a friend, and a smorgasbord or drugs in his Ford Explorer. Perhaps he didn’t realize the risk he


Stalking suspect had pot farm going as well

KELSEYVILLE – A Lake County Sheriff’s Narcotics detective spotted a suspicious man last Thursday, June 12, and ended up detaining a potentially violent stalker as well as an illegal drug


Co-op couple overdoes it with their supply

LAKE COUNTY – A Lake County man and woman ran afoul of the the rules around medical marijuana and are facing prosecution as drug dealers. The California medical marijuana laws


Sophisticated pot growers caught by detectives

LAKE COUNTY – A great deal of concern has been raised in California lately about marijuana growers operating in public and private lands on remote regions of forest and rural


Two young men had quite a business going

UPPER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – Two men living along the northern shore of Clear Lake seem to have had quite a thriving business going on until the long arm of