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Traffic stop leads to drugs, and more drugs

LOWER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – A woman from Middletown was driving through Lower Lake last Thursday with a friend from Calistoga when she was pulled over by a Lake County


Woman beaten by man and three women

LAKEPORT, LAKE COUNTY – A dispute over some apparent bad marijuana led to the beating and robbery of a woman by family and friends of a man in the tribal


It all started with siphoning some gas

LAKEPORT – LAKE COUNTY – Police investigating reports of some gasoline stolen from several vehicles led to the arrest of a teenage man, his father and the woman who lived


Oh man, I spilled my crystal meth!

LAKEPORT – LAKE COUNTY – A traffic stop on a residential street just a few blocks from the shore of Clear Lake resulted in the arrest of a Lakeport man


Sometimes folks just seem to want to be arrested

UPPER LAKE – LAKE COUNTY If someone wanted to be arrested, they couldn’t do it much more easily than to pack their car full of marijuana, take off the back


Parents arrested for drugs, weapons

LAKEPORT – LAKE COUNTY – A man and woman were arrested in their Lakeport home last Friday morning while their 3-year-old toddler looked on. A search warrant was served at

Lake Los Angeles

L.A. man moves to Lake County to further his drug habit

KELSEYVILLE – What do you do if you were convicted of cultivating marijuana and are serving probation, but still want to grow and sell pot? Perhaps you do some research

Headline Story Lake

‘Traveling Salesman’ runs the gauntlet and gets nabbed

A man driving through south Lake County may have thought he was running a gauntlet after hearing of all the people busted for drug possession by the Lake County Sheriff’s


Lake Sheriffs snag another drug offender

Law enforcement agencies are sometimes known to set up “Speed Traps” – a place where they can simply wait and drivers traveling at unsafe speeds will simply come to them