Inglewood Woman Popped for Shooting at House

Inglewood Woman Popped for Shooting at House

INGLEWOOD, CA—There is nothing like a woman scorned–especially one with an assault rifle late at night.

Andrea Lynne Williams, 26, was apprehended by Inglewood police on Monday, October 6 at approximately 9:30 p.m. at or near her residence on the 200 block of West Lime Street in Inglewood. She was charged with a number of weapons and other violations.

The one charge that may have prompted police attention was Williams allegedly shooting at an inhabited dwelling (246PC), but equally important may have been that she may have been doing so with an assault rifle. That second aspect got her charged with possession of an assault weapon (30605(A)PC). The other two charges were offering to pay for the adoption of a child (273(A)PC) and criminal storage of a weapon/child neglect (25110(B)PC). Police did not name the model of the assault weapon she allegedly possessed.

Bail for the shooting alone was $250,000. Bail for the other three violations were $35,000, $25,000 and $10,000, respectively–for a total of $320,000.

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