LAPD Releases Report on Use of Force Incident in North Hollywood

LAPD Releases Report on Use of Force Incident in North Hollywood

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Force Investigation Division has reportedly opened an investigation into an incident involving the use of lethal force during the early morning hours of February 8th, 2023.

The incident occurred at around 5:15 AM when officers from the North Hollywood Area uniformed patrol responded to a radio call at the 5600 block of Denny Avenue for an alleged assault with a deadly weapon, according to a press release by the LAPD.

Per the report, the suspect was identified as 31-year-old Jonathan Mitrani, who was allegedly armed with a knife and under the influence of alcohol and narcotics. Upon arriving at the location, the officers found Mitrani standing next to a person on the sidewalk, armed with a knife.

Officers immediately ordered Mitrani to drop the weapon, but he refused to comply and moved towards one of the officers. The officers attempted to neutralize him with both a taser and bean bag rounds, respectively, but they proved ineffective, police said.

Mitrani reportedly then fled on foot and ran towards Burbank Boulevard, with the officers in pursuit.

The officers deployed the beanbags a second and third time, but Mitrani continued to hold the knife and move towards them. The TASER was used once again, but it had no effect. At this point, one of the officers reportedly used his police vehicle to intentionally strike Mitrani, which caused him to fall to the ground. However, he immediately stood up, still holding the knife, and ran towards the officers.

One of the officers then performed a takedown on Mitrani, disarmed him, and took him into custody. He was subsequently transported to a local hospital by paramedics for treatment of excessive vomiting due to intoxication and medically cleared for booking.

Mitrani was booked on an open charge of assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. One of the officers received abrasions to his left hand and both knees, police said.

Police recovered a pocket knife with a four-inch blade at the scene.

LAPD’s specialized Force Investigation Division is investigating the incident and interviewing witnesses. The Forensic Science Division is collecting evidence. The Chief of Police, the Board of Police Commissioners, and the Office of the Inspector General will review the complete investigation to determine whether the use of deadly force complied with LAPD’s policies and procedures.

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