Landromat Thief Nabbed by Social Media

Landromat Thief Nabbed by Social Media

August 28, 2014 – Ventura, Ca.

Ventura’s laundromats are not exactly known as hotbeds of criminal activity perpetrated against children.  But that reputation may have changed on the afternoon of July 23rd when, according to the Ventura Police Department’s official report to the media,  an eight-year old female patron of Central Quick Wash became the victim of a petty theft that soon became something of a community cause celébre.

The young girl reportedly set her coin purse “full of quarters” down momentarily, only to turn around and discover her purse and money missing.  When Ventura Police Officer Frank Padilla answered the young victim’s call for help, “he learned the victim’s coin purse contained approximately $12-$14 in quarters”.

Robbs in a surveillance photo from the laundromat.

Robbs in a surveillance photo from the laundromat.

The ensuing investigation into the facts surrounding the theft of quarters ultimately intended for the coin operated washing machines and dryers led to an examination of the laundromat’s video surveillance system and recordings.  The examination of those records revealed an adult woman and a male companion observing the victim, then “walking past the bench and taking the coin purse.”  Both the male and female were then seen on the surveillance video to promptly exit the laundromat.

With that video record now indicating the nature of the crime, Ventura Police posted the image of the female perpetrator on Facebook.  Shortly thereafter, they received a report identifying the woman on the video image as Alondra Robbs, a 36-year old resident of Ventura.

Robbs was contacted on August 26th by detectives and cited for petty theft.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura Police Department

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