Teacher’s Assistant: Learn Now, Shoot Later

Teacher’s Assistant: Learn Now, Shoot Later

INGLEWOOD — It’s the end of the year and no one is going to keep this teacher’s assistant after class to monitor those who want to be fools.

Benjamin Higgins, 25, was picked up on May 16 at approximately 5:45 p.m. at La Brea Avenue and 62nd Street in Ladera Heights just north of Inglewood and adjacent to Ladera Park. The self-professed teacher’s assistant was charged with a number of crimes including carrying a loaded firearm, possession of marijuana, “carrying a concealed firearm within any vehicle under his/her control on the grounds of a playground or youth center,” failure to properly wear a seatbelt, and the one that most likely got him pulled over: failure to use a turn signal.

The total bail was set at $70,155 including two $35,000 bail amounts for the carrying a loaded firearm and concealing it in or near a park.

Today’s lesson could be that the next time one decides to strap on some heat, light up some pot, and go driving to the park, be sure to use that turn signal.

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