Arrest made in death of family pets

CASTAIC – Two parents, two adult sons, a dog and a cat sharing a suburban two story home in Castaic, in a small development overlooking Castaic Lake along Interstate 5 as it heads up the hill towards the Grapevine out of Santa Clarita Valley. On Wednesday, 6/19 at about 10 pm, while the parents were away, one of the sons came home to a grisly scene.

The attack on family pets happened at a home on Ridge Top Lane

According to the Santa Clarita Valley Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs, the man found at his home a dead animal in the backyard and a large amount of blood inside. His brother, who was present at the time, was described as acting “irrational and aggressive”, prompting the man to leave and call the Sheriffs in fear of his own safety.

Responding Sheriff’s Deputies found a dog in the back yard that had been killed and burned. They contacted the brother, 23-year-old Jared Foster, who agreed to come out of the house and give himself up.

Jared Foster was arrested after his brother reported him to the Sheriffs

Further investigation at the house revealed a cat in the house that had also been killed by a sharp object. Deputies also found a broom stick fashioned into a spear with a large kitchen knife taped to the end. They concluded that this spear, and possibly an arrow had been used to kill both animals, identified as family pets.

Foster was arrested and booked at Santa Clarita on cruelty to animals charges, and is being held on $20,000 bail.

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