Mountain Manhunt Continues For Cop Killer

SAN BERNARDINO – A $1 million reward on a suspect cop killer has led to several tips from the public, but police haven’t disclosed whether they’re any closer to the capture of an ex-police officer seeking revenge.

Police have released two recent images of Dorner from a surveillance video taken on January 28th.

Christopher Dorner, 33, is wanted in connection with shooting deaths of Riverside Police Officer Michael Cain, a Redlands High School graduate, along with an Irvine couple, plus shooting another yet-to-be-identified Riverside officer in a random spree last week.

Dorner, a former Los Angeles police officer who was fired, released a lengthy manifesto on Facebook last week. In that, Dorner says he is purposely targeting police officers and their families as revenge for being unjustly terminated from the LAPD some five years ago.

Police have received several false leads from the public on possible Dorner sightings. Having converged on snowy Big Bear in the San Bernardino Mountains last week, where Dorner’s vehicle was found burning, police still have not located him.

Over the weekend, LAPD announced a $1 million reward for the capture and conviction of Dorner, a 6-foot-1, 270-pound black man. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials said there was no new evidence that Dorner is near Big Bear, which is where his mother had a mountain cabin. On Monday in Big Bear, San Bernardino County deputies were on saturation patrols in the areas where the residential neighborhoods run against the foothills. Sheriff’s officials said there is no new evidence that Dorner is near Big Bear, which is at an elevation of 7,000 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains. “There have been no sightings of Dorner in the Big Bear area,” said a sheriff’s statement.

One of the three people killed allegedly by Dorner was Monica Quan, the daughter of Randy Quan. He is a former LAPD officer turned union lawyer, who had represented Dorner at his board of rights hearing. Some 50 families were placed under police protection, according to statements from agencies in both Riverside and Los Angeles.

Riverside police officer Michael Crain was just one of Dorner's victims.

Early Thursday morning, a witness told police that a man resembling Dorner was at a Corona gas station. The man flagged down LAPD officers, who had been sent to Corona to protect someone on Dorner’s manifesto. The officers followed the vehicle north to Magnolia Avenue, where the suspect fired at them with a rifle, authorities said. One officer suffered a graze wound to his head. Dorner was believed to have headed north on Magnolia into neighboring Riverside.

About 1:35 a.m., two Riverside police officers on routine patrol were ambushed while stopped at a red light at Magnolia and Arlington avenues. They were shot repeatedly with an assault rifle. 34-year-old officer Michael Crain died at the scene. The other officer, a 27-year-old trainee who had just joined the department, was hit at least six times and was in intensive care. Dorner’s burning Nissan Titan pickup was found later Thursday morning on a snowy road in Big Bear.

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