Party house busted, Mom arrested

Party house busted, Mom arrested

HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – A group of teenage kids celebrating spring break had a party at one of the boy’s houses on Monday night, and by 2 am, the noise had gotten loud enough to spur a neighbor to call the Sheriff’s office to complain. The party was at the house of a well known local felon now serving time for a series of drug and other offences.

Jack Pollack of Deer Hill Road in Hidden Valley Lake, a small town of under 6,000 people in the southern part of Lake County, was sentenced to over 20 years in prison for cases in 2012 when he was involved in a series of home invasion robberies. He was also found to be in possession of 18 pounds of marijuana at the home, and in a separate arrest was found with methamphetamine, scales, and a weapon.

His home invasion case partners, including a former deputy, would dress as law enforcement officers and invade homes while armed on a claimed drug raid. Pollack would use his company truck as a ruse to inspect homeowners’ wells while he was casing the home for his partners. Jack Pollack was the owner of Pollack And Sons Pump, a water and well service company run out of his home. At that time, Pollack had already been arrested many times before, and was sentenced to seven years prison in 2007 for transportation and sales of a controlled substance. He was also charged on October 11, 2013, when he was beginning his sentence for the 2012 case, for possession of a controlled substance for sale for a traffic stop, when meth and a rifle was found. He claimed it was for personal use and not for sale. Jack’s wife Peggy Pollack had been quoted at the time that Jack was a 15 year addict, but had stopped using in January, apparently contradicting his claim that it was not for sale. The prosecution in the case argued that the 3 ounces found was too much for personal use as well. This case added to the long sentence imposed on Pollack by the federal and state convictions.

So one, or perhaps both of Jack’s sons invited friends over to their house Monday night to party. According to Steve Brooks of the Sheriff’s Office, when Deputies arrived in response to the complaints, they found several vehicles parked in the large driveway, and one had been vomited on. They encountered several minors who appeared to be drunk. While speaking to the kids, they were approached by Peggy Pollack, who had just come out of the house.

She demanded to know why the deputies were there at her house, apparently not aware of the noise that had been coming from the home the last several hours. She said that yes, her son was having a party, but she had been sleeping, and didn’t know anyone had any alcohol. Deputies did a walkthrough of the home to check on the welfare of the minors there, making their way through the empty beer cans scattered about the patio and deck. They also detected an “overwhelming” odor of alcohol, apparently missed by Mrs. Pollack as well. They found several more drunk teenagers in the house.

The deputies made contact with the party guests’ parents to come and take their kids home, and made arrangements to have a sober adult to stay at the house to watch over the Pollack children and any others who remained without a ride home. Peggy Noreen Pollack was arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and for an outstanding felony warrant on charges of fraud to obtain aid. She was booked at the County Hill Road Correctional Facility, where she posted bail of $45,000, and returned home to take care of her kids.

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