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Lake County makes major October drug busts

Autumn is here, and for many that means harvesting summer crops before the frost sets in. That holds true whether the crops are legal or illegal, and the Lake County


Dangerous Honey Oil lab discovered

LUCERNE – LAKE COUNTY – Sheriff’s deputies doing a follow up investigation on a local young woman found a honey oil lab set up in her home. Honey oil, or


Marijuana farmer has a bit of meth as well

CLEARLAKE OAKS – LAKE COUNTY – The Sheriff’s narcotics task force found reason to suspect a home in the winding roads above the homes along the canals of Clearlake Oaks


Narcotics detectives happen upon a meth user and seller

LAKEPORT, LAKE COUNTY – Narcotics detectives were not planning on arresting Kory Hudson yesterday, but he just happened to be in the right place to draw their attention. On Tuesday


Medical Marijuana? Scale it back a bit…

KELSEYVILLE, LAKE COUNTY – Under California’s medical marijuana laws, a certain amount of cannabis can now be raised to provide the relief giving dosages to those who need it and


Co-op couple overdoes it with their supply

LAKE COUNTY – A Lake County man and woman ran afoul of the the rules around medical marijuana and are facing prosecution as drug dealers. The California medical marijuana laws


Man found in drug den with pipe and blowtorch

LOWER LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – Last Thursday afternoon narcotics detectives uncovered a home filled with a variety of drugs and paraphernalia, and arrested the man living there. He was found


Young couple and friend caught making honey oil

KELSEYVILLE – A woman and two men, all in their mid twenties, had a small factory going in a house in Kelseyville, which is on the western shore of Clear


Party house busted, Mom arrested

HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE, LAKE COUNTY – A group of teenage kids celebrating spring break had a party at one of the boy’s houses on Monday night, and by 2 am,

Lake Tehama

Spat over a phone results in arrest of a couple

Usually if a person is carrying illegal drugs, they do their best to keep it quiet, especially when the police are around, but it didn’t quite go that way for