Marijuana farmer has a bit of meth as well

Marijuana farmer has a bit of meth as well

CLEARLAKE OAKS – LAKE COUNTY – The Sheriff’s narcotics task force found reason to suspect a home in the winding roads above the homes along the canals of Clearlake Oaks was home to a marijuana growing operation, and secured a search warrant to investigate.

Clearlake Oaks is a small town on the eastern shore of Clear Lake, known for its community of homes built along a series of man made canals called the Clearlake Keys, which looks over the lake towards Rattlesnake Island. In the wooded area to the west of the Keys, along a winding one lane road called Widgeon Way, detectives served their warrant on the resident, 58-year-old David Wayne Christensen. They also found another man, 61-year-old Kurt Matthew Mueller at the home, and detained them both while they conducted their search of the property.

David Christensen's eccentric home in a 2012 Google Maps image.

David Christensen’s eccentric home in a 2012 Google Maps image.

The property, which climbs up a hillside with multiple structures, held 102 growing marijuana plants, both in the back yard and on the roof. Christensen volunteered that he was not a pot smoker, he was growing it to sell. He said he didn’t have anything else illegal at the home, except of course his personal meth pipe. The detectives did indeed find two glass pipes and a small amount of methamphetamine in his bedroom.

The marijuana was all eradicated according to procedure, and Christensen was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, marijuana for sale, and cultivation of marijuana. Mueller, meanwhile, apparently kept his moth shut, and was not found to be in violation of any laws. He was released at the scene.

Christensen had been in trouble with the Sheriff’s department before. In January of 2012, he was stopped while driving through the Clearlake Keys neighborhood. He and his 22-year-old passenger, Kristen Cook Weiss, were found to be in possession of both marijuana and meth. They were both arrested for drug and paraphernalia possession, and Weiss for a probation violation and being under the influence. That incident was her fourth arrest on drug charges in two years, but it appears she has been clean since.

The Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force has repeated stated their intention to eradicate all illegal narcotics from the county and seize suspected profits from drug dealers whenever possible. Their anonymous tip line is 707-263-3663 for anyone with information about similar marijuana grows, meth labs, or drug dealers in the area.


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