Flashing lights, badge, and a loaded gun, but not a cop

Flashing lights, badge, and a loaded gun, but not a cop
Photo: Christopher John Sorenson

CLEARLAKE – On the evening of March 21 a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy came upon another car, a white Dodge Neon, driving towards him with flashing emergency lights on top of the car. Lights were also flashing in the windshield and the grill of the car.


the car

28-year-old Christopher John Sorenson‘s car had “Security Patrol” written on its side. Sorenson wore a brown tactical vest and “a star-shaped badge labeled with Security Officer.”

After Sorenson told the deputy that he was patrolling, the deputy asked him if was armed. Sorenson replied in the affirmative. He had a semi-automatic pistol, along with extra magazines, pepper spray, handcuffs and a flashlight.


the vest

Then the deputy took the loaded pistol away from Sorenson. It turned out that the suspect actually did have a “Bureau of Security and Investigative Services permit for carrying an exposed firearm.”

However, the permit was only valid as long as Sorenson performed duties related to that permit. In fact, he is not currently employed.

The suspect was charged with two misdemeanors – carrying a firearm in a vehicle and carrying a loaded firearm in public. He posted bail and was released.

The LCSO says, “Sorenson was not acting on behalf of any community patrol organizations. The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens that it is illegal to carry a firearm even if you are part of a community patrol organization.”


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