A house full of people with arrest warrants

A house full of people with arrest warrants
Photo: the confiscated 12 gauge

CLEARLAKE – On June 30 two officers with the Clearlake Police department served a warrant on Johnny Hubbard at a home located at 4355 Hill Avenue.

Upon the officer’s arrival, Hubbard and some of his buddies ran into the house and then around to the side of the residence.

Robert Yingling came out and surrendered; a separate arrest warrant was out on him.

A witness alerted officers that Hubbard and Kim Anderson (m) “hid in a bag in the yard,” with a 12 gauge shotgun and “a significant amount of ammunition.”

The officers, now in the house, located James Hill, who had an outstanding no bail arrest warrant out on him. Next they located April Way, who had four outstanding arrest warrants for her.

Finally, they found Johnny Hubbard hiding in a closet under some clothes.

While all four were taken into custody, Anderson and Hubbard were “charged with felony and misdemeanor charges related to the firearm, ammunition, drug use, resisting arrest and conspiracy.”

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