A stick in the jailhouse

A stick in the jailhouse

LAKESIDE — This past Sunday (April 6th) at 9:22 p.m., Santee Station responded to a call reporting an assault that had occurred in the 9700 block of Wintergardens Boulevard in Lakeside. They found the victim waiting at the USA Gas Station on Woodside Avenue, where he recounted that a man (later identified as 24-year-old Steve Nakho) had assaulted him with a stick and then chased him around with a knife.

Nakho fled once he reached the gas station, where he waited for police to arrive. He’d sustained minor injuries during the assault but refused medical attention.

Deputies then combed the area and eventually found Nakho in the 9700 block of Wintergardens Boulevard, at which point he ran and barricaded himself inside a nearby apartment. A perimeter was established and  he was repeatedly urged to turn himself over, a proposal to which he was shockingly unreceptive.

However, it wasn’t long before deputies obtained and executed a search warrant. They arrested Nakho upon entering the apartment and he was taken in without incident. A stick and a knife were also recovered during the search, but chose to remain silent.

Nakho has since been booked into county jail on assault with a deadly weapon.

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