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Los Angeles

Caregiver From Hell!

HAWTHORNE, CA—What is really happening in that nursing home you put your parents in? Isabel Morrell, 30, was charged with a number of crimes that should make anyone wary of

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American Idol star arrested for DUI

The California Highway Patrol has reported that Crystal Lynn Bowersox, the former American Idol star, has been arrested on Driving Under the Influence charges last Friday in the West Valley

Los Angeles

It Depends on Which “High” It Is

HAWTHORNE, CA—There’s high in the air, and there’s getting high; cops tend to leave be the former and go after the latter. AAictionary Jackson (that is her name, according to

Los Angeles

Costco Employee Gets Warrants in Bulk

HAWTHORNE, CA—Everyone knows that Costco is the place to go to get savings on industrial-sized portions of everything from aspirin, to condoms, to alcohol. But one employee apparently elected to


Victim and Suspect Identified in Temecula Casino Murder

TEMECULA-  The suspect and victim in a shooting murder that occurred at Pechanga Resort Casino were identified as a couple whose baby was in the room when the assault occurred.


Chinese flight students get rude awakening in America

REDDING – A group of flight school students who came from China to study in Redding had their Trudie Lane apartment burglarized multiple times, apparently by the same person. It

Los Angeles

LAX Employee Charged with DUI, Hit and Run, More

HAWTHORNE, CA—Let’s hope that she’s not a pilot—or even a stewardess! Janae Mishae Mosely, 25, was picked up by Hawthorne police on Sunday, February 23. She was arrested at the

Los Angeles

Construction Worker Charged With Standing in Roadway

HAWTHORNE, CA—How do you fight a charge against behavior that may be required to do one’s job? That is a question that could be posed should Malcolm Baar, 27, challenge


Sheriffs bust meth party in Upper Lake forest

UPPER LAKE – LAKE COUNTY – In the hills above White Rock Canyon the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force served a search warrant and arrested 3 people in their 50’s on


Hammer attack leads to father/son looting

REDDING – The Redding Police reported an incident today that have people shaking their heads to figure out what really went on. It began last Wednesday, when 61-year-old Glen Cox