It Depends on Which “High” It Is

It Depends on Which “High” It Is

HAWTHORNE, CA—There’s high in the air, and there’s getting high; cops tend to leave be the former and go after the latter.

AAictionary Jackson (that is her name, according to police records), 25, was picked up by Hawthorne police on Tuesday, February 25 at approximately noon for what police claim was the possession of marijuana/hashish as well as the intent to sell or furnish marijuana to others. Stopped along the block of 2800 West 120th Street, the 5’8”, 150-lb. Hawthorne resident stated she was unemployed. Her LinkedIn profile states that she is a Nonprofit Organization Management Professional who has worked for St. Anne’s in Los Angeles as a couselor, and the YMCA as a child care teacher.

Bail was set at $20,000 for the possession charge and another $20,000 for intent to sell the weed.

The large shopping complex and its adjacent parking lot where she was apprehended lies under the direct approach of the Hawthorne Municipal Airport which is just a couple hundred yards west. Lowe’s, Target and Levitz Furniture are the three main retail stores in the center.

Surely being high is not a crime–so long as one is in an airplane.

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