Construction Worker Charged With Standing in Roadway

Construction Worker Charged With Standing in Roadway

HAWTHORNE, CA—How do you fight a charge against behavior that may be required to do one’s job?

That is a question that could be posed should Malcolm Baar, 27, challenge the City of Hawthorne regarding his arrest on Monday, February 24. Hawthorne police picked him up along the 12600 block of Cedar Avenue at approximately 1:34 a.m. The 6’2”, 235-lb. Santa Monica resident, who claimed on police reports that he is a construction worker, was charged with “standing in roadways.” There were no other charges nor were there any apparent warrants or priors.

Cedar Avenue in Hawthorne is a residential suburban area of single-family residences. While the address where Baar was apprehended is not too deep into the large residential area, it is about two blocks from the Hawthorne Police Department.

Bail was set at $500. Police did not respond to requests if the man was standing in the roadway to do his job.

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