Female Inmate Charged with Weapons Violation

Female Inmate Charged with Weapons Violation

Ventura County – On April 17, 2013, Silvia Serratos, 27, was arrested pursuant to evidence indicating that in October of 2012 she had left her 2 year-old son locked in her car on a Santa Paula street for several hours while she went to work.  With the heat of that day reaching 85 degrees, temperatures inside the car built to such a degree that the child suffered, according to Santa Paula Police Department reports at the time, considerable brain damage and faces a lifetime of institutional care in a skilled nursing facility.

The investigation that followed that tragedy ultimately brought charges of felony child endangerment to Serratos, and she has been held in Ventura County Jail since her arrest awaiting trial on a bail hold of $100,000.  If convicted of that crime, she faces a maximum sentence of twelve years.

But that potential sentence may be only the start of Serratos’ problems. According to media reports issued by Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Media Relations Officer Captain Don Aguilar, while Serratos remains in custody at VCJ, a routine search of her cell was made and she was found to be in possession of a “shank”, described as a weapon  “made from a razor blade and other materials”.

Serratos is now facing her original charges of felony child endangerment, child abuse causing great bodily injury, and possessing a weapon while in custody, with her bail remaining at $100,000.

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