Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Doing It Again

Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Doing It Again

Ventura County – By all appearances, some habits are hard to break. Jefferey Blair Shepherd, a 35-year-old Camarillo resident and registered sex offender, is having a hard time staying out of jail.

Shepherd is a registered sex offender who had been doing time in Wasco State Prison for a drug-related crime. After his release on July 26th he suddenly found himself back in handcuffs on a serious sex offense charge.

It was in March of this year when, according to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Ryan Clark, VCSD detectives learned that Shepherd had allegedly “been engaged in a sexual relationship with a known juvenile victim” that began as early as October 2017.

Evidence pointing to the fact that Shepherd “lured” the victim away from a group home in Hollywood, then transported her to his residence in Camarillo where he “provided drugs and housing while engaging in an ongoing sexual relationship.”

That “relationship” came to an end when Shepherd’s drug-related conviction sent him to Wasco State Prison.

When Shepherd was released from Wasco, he was summarily taken into custody and transported to Ventura County Jail,

As a result, his 24 charges include –

  • unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor;
  • oral copulation of a person under 18;
  • genital penetration by foreign object;
  • using a minor for sex acts;
  • manufacturing child pornography.

According to Clark, “this investigation is ongoing” and they are seeking any additional information regarding Shepherd’s activities.

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