Flashing Bus Rider Earns Transfer to Jail

Flashing Bus Rider Earns Transfer to Jail

Colin Michael Caldart

Ventura County – As if riding the local bus as a means of transportation wasn’t challenging enough—what with exact change requirements, frequently impatient Transit District employees, over- or under-heated passenger areas, sticky wads of chewing gum waiting for you on your seat, fellow passengers who may not exhibit the most exemplary habits of personal hygiene—now it appears that travelers in the City of Oxnard may need to be concerned about avoiding the presence of exposed male genitalia during their daily commute.

Clear evidence of that came during the lunch hour of November 11th, when the driver of a Gold Coast Transit bus was notified by one of his passengers that, according to the report filed by Oxnard Police Department spokesman Sgt. Sharon Giles, “a subject was exposing himself to passengers” riding the bus. The driver, a professional no doubt reacting exactly as trained, brought the bus to a halt and promptly notified police. It was at that time, according to Giles that “the subject exited the bus,” but not before being observed by fellow passengers who ultimately gave a description of the suspect to arriving police.

Having observed an individual matching witness descriptions while on their way to the location of the bus, Oxnard Police Department patrol officers quickly retraced their path of travel and located Colin Michael Caldart, a 20 year old Oxnard resident. Caldart was detained at the scene, and when soon thereafter positively identified by his fellow passengers, was placed under arrest and transported to Ventura County Jail, where he was charged with indecent exposure and child annoying, with his bail set at $5,000.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail booking

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