A Recipe for The Wrong Love

A Recipe for The Wrong Love

HAWTHORNE, CA—Did he cook up the wrong recipe to get her to warm up to him again?

Coty Tafoya, 24, was picked up by Hawthorne police on Thursday, January 23 at approximately 7:45 p.m. He had two warrants for his arrest.

The Hawthorne resident was popped at or near his residence of 13400 block South Cordary Avenue in Hawthorne for two apparently related charges: 646.9(A)PC and 243(E)(1)PC. The former is best described as “stalking” and the latter is “battery of a spouse/fiancé/mother or father of one’s child/person one is currently dating, etc.”

While the “battery” charge is described by many California attorneys as essentially the one misdemeanor domestic violence offense that is more commonly issued than any other, it nevertheless carried a hefty bail of $30,000.

The 250-lb., 5’8” man, whose race was described as “Other” by Hawthorne police, could not be reached for comment regarding which recipe for love he plans to use next.

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