School Fight Injures Two

School Fight Injures Two

School Officials Received Minor Injures

SALINAS—The Salinas Police Department arrested three known gang members after they entered a High School in east Salinas with the intention to pick a fight.  Arrested were 19-year-old Jesus Perez Rivas, 18-year-old Juan Carlos Ortega and a 16-year old juvenile all were residents of Salinas.

The three known gang members went to Alisal High School with the intention of picking a fight with the first person they saw at the school.  None of the three were students at the school.

A school supervisor in front of the school confronted them but they told the supervisor that they were there to pick up some things from their art class.  When they gained entry to the school the three went up to the first person they saw dressed like a gang member and picked a fight.

Once the fight was broken up, the three began yelling gang slogans, this action caused another fight to break out with a 16-year-old student.  School officials eventually broke up that fight.

Alisal High School, where the three non-students were involved in two fights.

Alisal High School, where the three non-students were involved in two fights.

During the two fights two school officials and an Assistant Principal received minor injures.  The Salinas Police arrived at the scene and took Ortega and the juvenile into custody.

Ortega was booked into the Monterey County Jail on charges of fighting on school grounds and battery on school official and several others all with gang enhancements.  The 16-year-old juvenile was booked into Monterey County Juvenile Hall on the same charges, also with gang enhancements.

“We do see non-students go to campuses and try to get through into the school, but this is an usual case where they were met by a campus supervisor and lied their way onto the campus.” Salinas Police Commander Henry Gomez said, “If you remember, we did have the School Resource Officer on campuses, but we had to end that program do to budget cuts and the economy.”

The third suspect, Rivas, fled the scene before the police arrived.  On Saturday, January 25, while in the area of Montana Street on an unrelated incident, officers noticed that Rivas was at the scene.  Rivas was arrested and booked into the Monterey County Jail on the same charges as the other two involved in this incident.

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