Petty Gamblers Picked up Outside Casino

Petty Gamblers Picked up Outside Casino

INGLEWOOD, CA—The Betfair Hollywood Park Casino is said to be shutting down sometime between now and 2016, but there is no end to the petty gamblers along Century Boulevard where the casino presently exists. The stretch of street between Crenshaw Boulevard and Prairie–which is immediately south of the former Hollywood Park horse-racing track and the newly renovated Forum—is home to a number of residential hotels at which Inglewood police are frequently called to attend domestic and criminal matters.

Inglewood police (IPD) picked up Blake Rojas, 25, and Darrell Brame, 27, on Tuesday, December 24. Although both were picked up two hours apart—Brame at 4:30 p.m. and Rojas at approximately 6 p.m.—they were each charged with a single count of petty theft.

The Inglewood residents—Blake from the 10200 block of South Larch and Brame from the 400 block of West Queen Street—were picked up not two blocks from each other along the south side of Century Boulevard.

Bail was set at $1,000 each for both Inglewood residents, neither of whom appeared to have any priors. Both men claimed to be unemployed.

According to IPD Senior Lead Officer Nicole Loudermilk, “They both had merchandise from Home Depot and Target. Both were apprehended with the merch in their possession.”

Asked if either of the two charged had anything to do with the recent round of I.D. theft that affected an alleged 70 million customers via Target’s credit card machines, Loudermilk did not comment.

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