Strong Arm Robbery suspect expected to enter guilty plea

Strong Arm Robbery suspect expected to enter guilty plea

A complaint was filed in the Superior Court of San Jose’s Hall of Justice against 45-year-old Jose Alfredo Loredo on October 9, 2013 for robbery violations under Penal Codes 211-212.5 (c). Bail was reduced from 100K to 50K on November 4 in Dept 23 on the charges for which Loredo is suspected of committing “strong arm robbery”.

The San Jose Police arrested Loredo at 11 pm on Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013 after a 9-1-1 call was made by a female victim reporting her purse had been stolen, and another robbery was also reported at Tap’s Keyes Club, located at 388 Keyes Street in San Jose.  A male victim had been watching TV and realized his backpack was missing, and he ran after a man in the area of South 9th Street and Keyes, whom he saw was carrying his backpack.  Trying to force the man, later identified as Loredo, to give back his property, a struggle between the two began.  The victim continued to fight back for his possessions when a second male suspect approached.  Fearing both men would attack him, he let go and waited for SJPD Officers to arrive. 

Loredo was detained by patrol officers a short distance from where the victim had flagged down police in order to help capture the suspects. The male victim was taken to where he was being held, and he positively identified Loredo as the suspect he had tried to fight with in order to try and get his property back.  The victim told officers, “That’s the guy. I’m 100% sure.”  The second suspect was not located. The victim reported that he was watching TV and did not notice anyone take his backpack until he heard a woman complaining about someone taking her purse.  That is when he ran outside and saw the Loredo with his backpack.

Taps Keyes Club is located at Keyes and South 9th in San Jose

Tap’s Keyes Club is located at Keyes and South 9th in San Jose

Meanwhile, the female victim also stated to police that she suspected a large male, approximately six feet tall weighing 220 pounds, had taken her purse.  It was found in the men’s restroom after one suspect, seen wearing an Orange San Francisco Giants jersey and going by the name of “Jessie” was there.  Based on the description, officers believed that he was the one helping Loredo take the other victim’s backpack. 

The female victim said she was in the Keyes Club bar with her girlfriends, when two guys named “Johnny” and “Jessie” were hanging out at their table with them.  When she went to go buy a drink, she had left her purse at the table, which allowed the thieves to take her possessions.  The female victim reported that the man named “Johnny” was who she suspected of taking the purse with her perfume, cell phone, California Identification Card, a EBT Card and her wallet. 

The next court hearing for Loredo has been set for January 14 at 9:00 AM in Dept. 38.

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