Health Spa Robbery Suspect Apprehended

SAN JOSE – Earlier this year in February, and then in April of 2013, Nghia Tu Truong, 55 of San Jose committed three second degree robberies under PC211-212.5(c) and PC 664-211-212.5(c) pursuant  to PC22810 (g) involving the use of tear gas, with an enhancement under PC 12022(b)(1), where the individual had used a deadly or dangerous weapon during the commission of the crime. During his attacks, Truong had used an air gun in order to take cash and other items from victims by means of force and/or intimidation at the time of the assault.

robbery weapon

Troung is scheduled for a court hearing on July 7, 2013 in Dept. 23 at 1:40 pm. A Vietnamese interpreter has been issued to help arbitrate the case, a sentencing hearing will be set at a later date.

On February 2, 2013 officers arrived at a Health Spa located at 1027 S. Bascom Ave. Once officers arrived, the victims had advised officers that as an Asian male in his 40’s or 50’s had just robbed them. The victims told police that they were in the back room eating when they heard the doorbell ring. They had opened the door when the victim pulled out a pistol from his waistband and demanded they give them their money. They gave the suspect $600 dollars. The suspect then fled through the rear door to an unknown location.

Then again on Saturday April 13, 2013 there was a report of a robbery occurring at the CVS located at 3220 S. White Rd. During the robbery, Troung allegedly had approached the cashier brandishing a black semi-automatic handgun and demanded $100. The cashier the suspect the cash and the suspect fled.  Surveillance video was taken from the interior of the store.

Another robbery was also reported on April 17, 2013 officers arrived at 2435 S. King Road, #60, in which an individual had robbed a female employee at the Nhu Y Spa. The suspect had entered the business and waited until he was alone with the employee. He then began to request a massage at half the price. Troung continued to tell the employee that he did not have enough money, and asked if he could owe the money. After being told “no” by the employee, he asked to borrow $20. The female employee became afraid pulled out a black semi-automatic hand gun and took her cell phone by force. Troung fired one shot near the victim. The victim heard the shot, and saw smoke but did not see a projectile, so she moved the handgun away from her. Truong, seeing the gun no longer had any effect, ran out the door of the business.

Nhu Y Spa

An on-duty security officer chased the suspect through the parking lot.   Troung fired several more shots before trying to flee the scene, hitting a security officer several times in his chest with rubber pellets from the air soft gun. Troung then tried to use a pepper spray canister to blind the security officer in his attempt to get away.

In the statement, a witness near the area claimed that the suspect had fired plastic pellets at him, but he was not injured. The witness said a security guard in the area began to chase the suspect through the parking area and had grabbed the back of the suspect’s neck, and threw him to the ground. An unknown person watching the attack had joined the security officer, once the suspect was on the ground, the witness had helped move the gun away as well as the suspect’s pepper spray and an I-Phone. The air soft gun and two canisters of mace found at the scene were booked into evidence, Truong’s car was towed from the scene and booked into the San Jose Police Warehouse.

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