An Unemployed Pimp in Playa Del Rey

An Unemployed Pimp in Playa Del Rey

HAWTHORNE, CA—He claims to have no job but lives in the pricey community of Playa del Rey, CA but he was rolling in dough before he landed in jail. Playa del Rey is west of Westchester and immediately south of the exclusive enclave of Marina del Rey.

Aric Javier Allen, 43, was arrested by Hawthorne police on Thursday, December 5 at about 8:30 a.m. He was arrested near his swanky apartment along the 8000 block of Redlands Avenue.

Allen told police he had no occupation but he was nevertheless charged with kidnapping, first degree robbery, kidnapping for ransom, false imprisonment and pimping. Police would not divulge who was kidnapped, imprisoned or anything about Allen’s pimping charges nor the activity that prompted any of the many charges.

The cumulative bail was set at $250,000, but two of the charges—kidnapping and kidnapping for ransom—had no bail set for either charge.

For a man with no formal employment, one wonders which money pit he’ll pull out that kind of cash.

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