Monterey Police Arrest Man for Contributing to Delinquency of Minors

Police Search both Home and Business

MONTEREY—Police arrested 57-year-old businessman David Charles Simonich of Carmel after they received a tip that he was providing minors with alcohol and marijuana.

David Charles Simonich

A mother of one of the victims, who was made aware of the activity by her son, contacted the police.  The victims were all teenage boys between the ages of 15 and 16.  All of worked for Simonich in his Monterey business, Eco-Sharp.

Monterey police executed a search warrant on Friday April 5 at his home and business.  Police had good information that he was supplying the teenagers with alcohol and marijuana at both places.

After examining the evidence from their investigation Monterey Police determined that they indeed had enough evidence to arrest Simonich.  Their evidence was based on victim accounts and items found at both locations.

Simonich was arrested for furnishing marijuana to minors, cruelty to minors, contributing to the delinquency of minors and furnishing alcohol to minors.

Simonich was booked into the Monterey City Jail and posted a $50,000.00 bond.  He also faces additional charges of possession of methamphetamine and narcotic paraphernalia.

“We do not have any information on whether he supplied the teenagers with any of the methamphetamine,” Monterey Police Lieutenant Leslie Sonne said.

The Monterey Police will investigate whether there are possible violations with the California Division of Labor Standards and Enforcement and CAL-OSHA.  They believe that there might be possible violations because the victims worked for him.

Monterey Police are still actively investigating this incident and are asking anyone that has information about Simonich or believe that they were victimized by him to call the Monterey Police Department at 1-831-646-3830.

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