Gang related shooter arrested

18-year old Domingo Daniel Laurel was charged with PC 664(a) – 187 under a gang enhancement charge of attempted murder.  Laurel had discharged a hand gun under PC 12022.7, and being a minor at the time charges are alleged, under PC 707(d)(1), he may be charged as an adult.

Sgt. Jason Dwyer with the San Jose Police department said, “Gang related assaults and non-related assaults investigated by the gang or assault unit.”  If a juvenile is found to be involved in a violent assault, investigations are lead by the Assaults/Juvenile Unit.

On Jan 20, 2013 an assault with a deadly weapon occurred near 2155 Lanai, Valley Palms Apartments in San Jose.  The victim was parked in front of his residence when the suspect fired at him, striking him several times.  The suspect was found later with a loaded .40 caliber magazine, and was booked into juvenile hall.

A party near this apartment complex turned violent in January.

An officer with the SJPD joined in the search to help find the shooter after an initial call to the department’s 9-1-1 call center.  The shooting was reported to have occurred near Pensacola Drive and Lanai Ave.  A small colored car was seen driving away from the scene at the time of the shooting, where a party was being held.  In front of the party location, several .40 caliber casings were found.  Party goers at the residence began to gather in the front yard after they had heard gunshots in an effort to find out what was going on. Several people were able to recognize the vehicle and driver seen fleeing the area.

Several witness believed that the suspect of the shooting had come back to the party house near where the victim had been shot.  Several party goers identified the possible driver as Domingo Dominguez.  There were more than 30 to 40 different individuals who were at the party, and they allowed officers to walk through the residence in order to identify a possible suspect.  The suspect identified himself as Domingo Laurel when confronted by officers in the rear bedroom of the home.

Investigators reported that the area is associated with a high level of gang activity associated with Sureno gang members.  Several people believed that the shooting was gang related.

A magazine was located in the garage area. The .40 caliber ammunition was similar to the casings found in the street where the suspect had shot at the victim from his car.  After officers interviewed several witnesses, Laurel was identified as the suspect. Laurel, however, claimed he had no involvement in the shooting and “denied ever shooting a gun in his life”.

Witnesses said a fight had broken out at the party and, the victim told his friends that they should “bounce”.  It was at this time they were attempting to leave the party the suspect pointed a loaded firearm at the victim and fired at his neck at which time he told his friends to run.  He was subsequently shot in the leg once he started to flee.  The group was able to drive to a DUI check point to report the assault.

Dwyer said, “The department will dispatch a report that states a DUI checkpoint will be set-up, but does not tell the general public where it will be.”  The San Jose Police Department Traffic Unit conducted a DUI/Drivers License Check point in the area of Story and King.

The victim was then transported to Regional Medical Center where he was treated for gunshot wounds to his neck and leg..

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