Arson fires end with arrest

A series of arson fires ended this week with the arrest of 56 year old Glynnis Sundelius Saturday night.

Glynnis Sundelius was arrested on suspicion of arson

According to the San Jose Fire Investigation Unit, Sundelius is being charged with one count of PC 451 (D), Felony Arson of Property. San Jose Fire Department Captain Mary Gutierrez said, “Further investigation may lead to information regarding other possible charges.”

Fire investigators caught Sundelius early Saturday evening trying to light a trash can on fire.  Gutierrez said, “Only minor damage was caused to multiple garbage cans, trees and bushes.” Robin Johnson, who lives directly across Sundelius said, “I was really surprised it was her.”

The first fire is believed to have been set in a nearby dumpster in mid-afternoon on September 26th of this year. Some neighbors were seemingly more concerned about the fires than others.   “My grandson got really scared when he could hear a popping sound coming from bottles breaking in the dumpster from the fire,” Johnson said.  Neighbors and family members kept in touch with each other to help try and protect areas from a possible serial arsonist.

One of the dumpsters Sundelius is suspected of setting on fire

As of October 13, 2012, there have been a total of 11 fires set in the 1100 block of Delna Manor Lane. Many residences have been extremely worried that the fires could possibly spread to their garages and homes.  Melissa Maciel, who lives near were the fires were set said, “I would come home after work and fall asleep in my garage so I could keep an eye out for whoever might have been starting the fires.”

Despite the arrest of a possible suspect an ongoing investigation of the fires is expected to continue.

Photos: Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department; Amy Nilson

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