Bush Up to His Same Old Tricks

PRUNEDALE—Authorities from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department have joined the pursuit for a wanted suspect from San Benito County.  Deputies from both counties are now searching for Cameron Paul Bush from Prunedale.

Jasmine Thomas-Ruble

On Sunday December 9, when many people are in church, Cameron Bush and a female companion, Jasmine Thomas-Ruble, also of Prunedale were seen breaking into a vehicle near the area of Kirby Park.

The victims chased both Bush and Thomas, but they escaped in a vehicle belonging to Thomas.  The vehicle crashed into a tree on Campagna Way near Elkhorn Road.  Thomas, who was driving the vehicle, was left behind as Bush fled the scene.

Thomas was arrested as deputies from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene.  Deputies initiated a reverse 911 call for the surrounding area and residents were advised to stay indoors as they searched for Bush.

“The county puts out an automated call to residence in the area,” Monterey County Sheriff’s Commander Lisa Nash said. “The reverse 911 call, usually tells the residence to stay indoors and not answer the door for anyone.”

Bush is still considered armed and dangerous.  Bush is wanted for numerous charges stemming from the November 19th incident where he assaulted a man and attempted to kidnap an ex-girlfriend in San Juan Bautista.

Thomas was booked into the Monterey County Jail on conspiracy and burglary charges and the search continues for wanted suspect Cameron Paul Bush.

Again, Both San Benito County Sheriff’s Department along with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department warn anyone who sees Mr. Bush to please “DO NOT ATTEMPT” to contact but to notify them at 1-831-636-4080 for San Benito County and 1-831-755-3700 for Monterey County.

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