Authorities Investigating 2 Suspicious Deaths and 1 Homicide Around Fresno County

FRESNO COUNTY – It’s been a busy week for police agencies in Fresno County. Three dead bodies have been found in three different cities in the last few days and investigators are trying to determine what happened in each case.

The first body was found Tuesday night near Rialto and Crystal avenues in Fresno. A local neighborhood watch group called police after an unfamiliar truck pulled up to an abandoned home and then they heard suspicious noises inside.

Officers who arrived on the scene searched the home, but didn’t find anything suspicious. It was when they went into the backyard that they found a dead body wrapped in some sort of material, according to Fresno police. They do not know how the man died yet, but they say there appears to be evidence of trauma and they are looking into it as a suspicious death.

On Wednesday afternoon, another dead body was discovered, this time near a farm house at Manning and Smith avenues in Parlier. A farmer working in his field found the body, thought it was someone who was injured, and called 911.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Department is handling the case. They say that the man, who was only identified as an adult Hispanic, was deceased when officers arrived and there appeared to be some trauma. Investigators are looking into it as a suspicious death for the moment.

“We’re not prepared to call it a homicide yet,” said Chris Curtice with the sheriff’s department.

The third death happened Thursday morning in Kingsburg and, in this case, the sheriff’s department is investigating it as a murder.

The incident happened in the 800 block of Seventh Avenue inside a home. A husband and wife were in their house when they heard a noise from the living room. The husband, who was 51 years old, went to find out what it was and that’s when he was shot.

“The wife heard at least one gunshot. When she went out to check, she found her husband in the living room; he had been shot at least one time and he was deceased,” Curtice said.

The couple had a son, but he was not home at the time of the incident.

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