One Arrested in Drug Bust in Fresno Neighborhood

FRESNO – Police arrested a man for allegedly growing and selling marijuana out of the home he shared with his parents in east central Fresno on Wednesday.

Benson Keodara

What eventually lead to 23-year-old Benson Keodara’s arrest started out as an investigation into a city code violation. Code enforcement officers showed up at his parents’ residence on the 4500 block of East Robinson Avenue in Fresno to look into reports of an outdoor marijuana grow, which is against city ordinances. Medical marijuana must be grown indoors in the city of Fresno.

When they arrived at the house with a search warrant, officers discovered dozens of large marijuana plants in the backyard.

“There were approximately 100 plants that were pretty large, close to 8 feet tall,” said Sgt. Bob Reynolds with the Fresno Police Department.

The plants were so tall you could see them from across the street. Reynolds said the plants were 5 to 6 inches in diameter and took up pretty much the whole backyard.

Keodara’s parents both have medical marijuana recommendations and the family has claimed that the plants were only grown for medicinal purposes. However, police say Keodara was packaging and selling the pot.

“The use of marijuana for reasons other than medical marijuana purposes is illegal,” Reynolds said.

So far, only the son has been arrested. He is being held in Fresno County Jail on $50,000 bail and will face three felony charges. His parents have not been charged at this time. However, they could be facing an up to $800 fine for violating city code.

The plants at the home were cut down by police and destroyed.

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