Toxicology reports reveal more information about Fresno murder-suicide

FRESNO – The 74-year-old man who killed his neighbor and then proceeded to kill himself an hour later had a high level of alcohol in his blood when he died.

According to the final report released by the coroner on April 5, Dan Anderson’s blood alcohol content was 0.17 at the time of his death, which is more than twice the legal limit for drivers. This also may give at least some explanation as to what happened on the evening of March 22.

Dan Anderson

Anderson had a contentious relationship with 59-year-old Frank Cardoza, who was his neighbor in the gated Bullard West condominium complex. The two had a long-standing dispute over their dogs going into each other’s yards, police said.

On March 22, Anderson’s dog, Buddy, went into Cardoza’s yard, beginning the chain of events that would lead to both men’s deaths. In a voicemail left for his wife, Anderson said that he saw Cardoza kick Buddy as he was trying to shoo the dog out of the yard, Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Anderson immediately went over to Cardoza’s house to confront his neighbor about the incident. A physical fight between the two men broke out, leaving Anderson with bruises and bites on his chest and forearm, Dyer said. The fight ended when Cardoza forced Anderson to the ground and asked him to leave his property. Anderson did leave, but returned shortly.

“Immediately, Dan Anderson retrieved a .45 caliber handgun from his house and went over to the Cardozas’ residence and began banging on the glass door,” Dyer said.

Cardoza’s wife called 911 to report Anderson’s behavior.

“She was extremely hysterical while she was on the phone, on the call to the 911 dispatcher,” Dyer said. “It was just a few moments later that she yelled, ‘He shot my husband.’”

According to police, when Cardoza went outside to confront his neighbor, Anderson shot him seven times, including three times to the head, Dyer said.

At this point, Anderson returned to his own residence, got into his car, and drove around north Fresno, finally stopping at Chevy’s Fresh Mex Restaurant in River Park. When he went inside to ask for a drink, the manager refused him because he was covered in blood, police said.

Anderson ended up at Chevy's at River Park where he took his own life.

Anderson returned to his car and began circling around the parking lot in River Park. When police officers arrived on the scene, Anderson put his gun in his mouth and killed himself.

Dr. David Hadden, the Fresno County Coroner, said that the high level of alcohol content in his blood might give at least some explanation as to why Anderson killed himself. However, the coroners are unable to know for sure whether Anderson drank before or after the initial shooting, or possibly at both times. Anderson had no drugs in his system.

A toxicology report on Cardoza revealed neither drugs nor alcohol in his system.

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