Wanted felon makes two wild escape attempts

A wanted felon hiding in the city of Selma is now in the custody of Fresno County Sheriffs, after making not one, but two escape attempts.

The Sheriff Department announced on Thursday that Ricardo Pedro Bojorquez, 51, was arrested after being wanted in connection to a domestic dispute that took place a couple of weeks ago.

Ricardo Pedro Bojorquez

Sheriff spokesman Chris Curtice described the incident that resulted in Bojorquez becoming a wanted man.

“On Nov. 17th, Bojorquez assaulted his 23-year-old girlfriend at his house, located on the 6000 block of South Chestnut Avenue,” Curtice said. “During the assault, Bojorquez beat and choked the victim almost to unconsciousness before she was able to flee by jumping out a kitchen window.”

It was during that investigation that authorities discovered Bojorquez was a parolee at large, who even managed to cut off the ankle monitor required to be worn when on parole.

Authorities then learned the whereabouts of Bojorquez in the South Fresno suburb of Selma, which later sparked his first escape attempt.

“On Nov. 29, information was received that Bojorquez was hiding out in a vacant residence located on the 8000 block of South Bethel Avenue in Selma,” Curtice said. “With assistance from the U.S. Marshall’s Fugitive Task Force and Selma PD, Bojorquez was discovered to be hiding in a bedroom closet.”

That was when he fled the scene and jumped out of a closet window, but was later arrested after being given the Tazer treatment by officers. He was transported to a Fresno Hospital but also managed to escape through the Emergency Room door after being treated for his injuries.

He found a nearby car that was parked close to the front entrance of the hospital. The elderly female driver was getting ready to pick up her husband from the hospital, who was in a wheelchair.

“Bojorquez pushed the wheelchaired man out of the way and then opened the driver door of the vehicle,” Curtice said. “He then jumped on top of the driver and told her to drive. Deputies and agents immediately grabbed on to Bojorquez in an attempt to keep him from carjacking the vehicle and saving the victim from injury.”

Bojorquez pushed the accelerator with his hand, which hit another vehicle when the car lurched forward. He was then wrestled out of the car and once again got Tazered before being apprehended.

No victims during that episode received any serious injury. Bojorquez was taken to Fresno County Jail on charges of felony domestic violence, false imprisonment, carjacking, resisting arrest and felony elder abuse.

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