Police See Surge in Crime Activity Over the Weekend

Daniel Silviano Cervantez

HOLLISTER — The weekend’s activities got off to a rousing start on Friday night when The Hollister Police responded to Johnny’s Bar for a report of a stolen wallet.  At the end of the incident they had arrested 37-year-old Hollister resident Daniel Silviano Cervantez for theft and evidence tampering.

The victim reported his stolen wallet to Johnny’s Security Personnel.  They checked their surveillance tapes and observed Cervantez take the wallets from the bar.  Security detained Cervantez after he was identified from the surveillance tapes.  Officer Paddy of the Hollister Police Department responded and took Cervantez into custody.

The victim’s wallet was found discarded in a trash receptacle in the men’s restroom of the bar and it was returned to him after Cervantez was arrested.

“Johnny’s Bar Security, locked down all the exits to the establishment and located then detained the suspect,” Newly elected Chief of Police David Westrick said. “They did a good job, because of their quick action we were able to arrest the suspect”

Armando Justo

Adrian Isaiaz Casarez

Later that evening, at about 10 p.m. Hollister police responded to the Savemart at 291 McCray on a report of subjects openly drinking alcohol in the store’s parking lot.  As police arrived several people ran from the area.

Officers were able to detain 19-year-old Armando Justo and 20-year-old Adrian Isaiaz Casarez both of Hollister as they stayed with the vehicle in the parking lot.  Police did a routine check of the vehicle and found a loaded gun inside the vehicle.  While police were checking the rest of the vehicle, 18-year-old Raymond Anthony Zamarripa of Hollister walked up to the scene and claimed ownership of the vehicle.

Raymond Anthony Zamarripa

A further check of the firearm revealed that it was reported stolen out of the County of Santa Cruz last year.

All three subjects were arrested and charged with possession of a loaded gun and stolen property.

Then on Saturday afternoon, at 3 p.m.  Officers responded to a residence in the 900 block of C Street on a report of a burglary.  Police learned from the reporting party that her ex-boyfriend 36-year-old Hollister resident Ricardo Flores had burglarized her home and was still there, refusing to leave.

Officer Carlos Rodriguez responded and immediately spotted the Flores in the victim’s garage.  Flores attempted to flee, after spotting Officer Rodriguez, and a foot pursuit ensued.

Ricardo Flores

Flores after running a short distance stopped and took on an aggressive fighting stance.  After numerous warning to comply he did not.  Fearing that he would charge him, Officer Rodriguez discharged his TASER and Flores was taken into custody shortly after.

Flores was taken to a local hospital and checked medically before being booked into the San Benito County Jail on burglary, resisting arrest and having an outstanding local warrant.

The last incident occurred, on Sunday at 2 p.m., when police responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex in 800 block of South Street.  When officers arrived they immediately stopped and detained 40-year-old Hollister resident Ruben Chavez.

“We find the guy apparently breaking into the apartment, he does not even live there,” Chief Westrick added. “But he stated that he knew a girl there, but we could not find anyone that knew him.”

Ruben Chavez

It was later discovered, that Chavez was apparently trying to break into an apartment in the complex as officers founded that a screen door was removed and destroyed.  Chavez was arrested on vandalism charges but a routine check of his person revealed that Chavez had drug paraphernalia and a suspected controlled substance in his pocket.

Chavez was booked into the san Benito County Jail on vandalism and possession of paraphernalia and a suspected controlled substance.

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