Hollister Police announce recent arrests following Easter weekend

Hollister Police announce recent arrests following Easter weekend
Photos: Hollister PD
Originally published April 18 and 20, 2022, respectively,
by the Hollister Police Department:

“EGGCELENT EASTER WEAPONS ARREST – Officer Wells was working dayshift and daydreaming about all the candy he could’ve been stealing from his kids, when his traffic officer sensibilities were offended by the sight of dingbat traveling at nearly double the speed limit on San Felipe Rd. near Gateway Dr.

When Officer Wells signaled the driver to stop, they got it only half right. They stopped their car, sure, but then did their best rabbit impression (in honor of the holiday) and fled into a nearby field on foot. They had an unregistered and loaded ghost gun in their waistband, which they threw as they ran. Officer Wells pursued the driver into the field and arrested them.

The driver was arrested for DUI – Cannabis, and is facing charges for weapons violations and resisting arrest. Officer Wells is one of our department Drug Recognition Experts and a Field Sobriety Test Instructor.

Dingbats, if you’re going to run from the police, please, please continue to run into wide open fields with great visibility in the middle of the day. EGGSTRAORDINARY work, Officer Wells.

 *     *     *

ARMED PROBATIONER ARRESTED – Last night, Officer Macierz made a traffic stop downtown for a minor mechanical lighting violation. The driver, a felony probationer with “gang terms” ( indicating the offense that placed him on probation was gang-related) and search terms, was in possession of a loaded handgun. They went to jail and are being held without bail on a probation violation, in addition to the new weapons offenses.

We recommend all gang members and impaired drivers conduct full 52 point inspection of their vehicle prior to pulling from the curb. We still can’t figure out why you would knowingly be on felony probation with search terms, armed with a gun, and drive a car with an obvious mechanical violation like that.

There’s a new movement in SOME circles to take away the right of the police to conduct traffic stops for so-called “minor” vehicle code violations, like a lighting offense. We just want to point out how many cases like this gang member arrested with a weapon, or DUI offenses, might go undetected should those types of traffic stops become prohibited.”

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