Escaping burglar busts ankle; 3 accomplices also arrested

NEWPORT BEACH – A woman loitering around the Coronado Apartments on East 16th Street raised the suspicions of a security guard who put the kibosh on a burglary in progress that ultimately led to the arrest of four suspects.

Just before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, police received a call from the security guard who reported seeing the woman, Saisha Miranda, 29, of Huntington Beach, nervously walking around outside some of the apartments, occasionally eyeing an upstairs unit and appearing to be on look-out, according to police.

When the woman saw the security guard, she took off and the guard decided to investigate the second floor.

Upon arriving upstairs, the guard witnessed Brian Havens, 33, of Huntington Beach, on his way out of an apartment carrying a 42-inch plasma screen television. Seeing the security guard, Havens retreated back into the apartment and locked the door, police said.

When police arrived, Havens sought to escape the apartment by leaping off the second story balcony. He was followed by an apparent accomplice, Timothy Aubrey, 28, of Newport Beach, who broke his ankle during his own jump.

Aubrey was taken into custody and Havens, who had initially run off, was found a short time later, hiding close by.

Miranda, the alleged lookout, returned to the scene and was arrested. A fourth suspect, Beau Aubrey, 18, of Santa Ana, was also arrested, though police didn’t identify what part he may have played in the burglary.

The four were charged with residential burglary and their bails were set at $50,000 apiece.

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