McDonald’s customer sees lack of red, attacks manager

McDonald’s customer sees lack of red, attacks manager
Photo: Mayra Berenice Gallo

A purported lack of ketchup for her McDonald’s order has landed a Santa Ana woman in jail.

The woman, later identified as Mayra Berenice Gallo, aged 24, visited the drive-thru of the Orange County hamburger restaurant late in the evening of October 27th.

The woman allegedly became enraged enough with what she considered to be a stingy distribution of ketchup packets, to exit her vehicle and enter the McDonald’s through the staff entrance and assault the manager on duty.

On November 13th, the Santa Ana Police Department released information, including video footage, to the media, asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect.

Thanks to wide media coverage, enough tips came through to allow detectives to identify and locate the suspect wanted in the assault.

Surveillance video clips showed the woman later identified as Gallo entering through the back door of the fast food outlet North Bristol Street and West Seventeen Street and asking for more ketchup.

Other footage showed her pushing the restaurant manager up against a soft drink machine, and choking, punching and shoving her around in front of the drive-thru window. Another employee tried to intervene and was reported to have rallied staff members to help break it up.

Police said that the manager had asked Gallo make her way to the front of the restaurant, in order to better assist her with the ketchup, after which Gallo “became combative.”

The encounter ended when a man believed to be with Gallo “intervened” and led her out of the McDonald’s, Santa Ana police spokesman Corporal Anthony Bertagna said, according to local news outlets.

Information received following initial media coverage provided detectives with enough data to issue a $15 000 arrest warrant for the suspect.

On November 27, 2018, Santa Ana detectives arrested Gallo at her residence without incident, after which she was booked into the Santa Ana Police Department Jail on the arrest warrant.


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