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Theft from Dive and Rescue Team Revealed, Solved

Photo: Dustin Mason CHICO – Last Wednesday the BCSO discovered that someone had broken into their storage trailer, cut the locks and stolen $23,000 worth of equipment that the Dive

Santa Cruz

SCPD Announces – “Constant Crook Caught Again”

Photo: ALexander Madson SANTA CRUZ — On Saturday night, the SCPD were out and about in the Downtown and Eastside teams “conducting enforcement.” While they were on this task, they

San Bernardino

Twin Peaks SBSD’s Traffic Stop Reveals Recent Residential Burglary

Photo: Some of the stolen property CEDAR GLEN – A records check during a March 21, 2018 1:06 pm traffic stop near the intersection of Cumberland Drive and Mill Pond


Car Thief Caught with Keys in His Pocket

Photo: Lindsey Banner VENTURA COUNTY — Criminals who don’t understand the bottom-line basics of the proper criminal behavior often find their nefarious activity brought to a sudden halt by the


Thieves Caught Red Handed by Trail Camera

Photo: Bryan Gammel and Cory Scow Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a home on Burrough Valley Road in Tollhouse on Monday March 19, 2018 when property owners reported they


2 Arrested Teenagers Suspected of Committing a Series of Burglaries

SAN RAFAEL — Investigators are examining evidence to determine if two 15-year-old boys arrested last week are responsible for committing more than a dozen residential burglaries. Detectives and uniformed patrol

Santa Barbara

Mail Thief Caught by Video Surveillance and Alert Residents

Photo: Melissa Wheeler Santa Barbara County – Since November 2017 of this year, multiple residential communities throughout Santa Barbara County have been the targets of mail thieves, some of whom

Contra Costa

Residents Leave Spare Keys Outside for Busy Burglary Suspect

Photo: Michael Kemper WALNUT CREEK – A man suspected of committing four residential burglaries and stealing two vehicles was apprehended when he attempted to steal a third vehicle—all on the


Tractor Thief Behind Bars

Photo: Alejandro Carrillo 41-year old Alejandro Carrillo of Delano has been charged with grand theft and being in possession of stolen property. Early on the morning of February 28th, a


2 Men on Probation Brought Back to Jail for Burglary, Drugs

Photo: Vanderrick Vickers, Jr. EMERYVILLE — Two men on supervised probation for previous burglary convictions were arrested again on February 25 shortly before 4 a.m. after they were seen casing