Men Caught Driving Stolen Van with Numerous Stolen Weapons

Men Caught Driving Stolen Van with Numerous Stolen Weapons
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PITTSBURG — Two men were nabbed for driving a van reported stolen that contained numerous stolen weapons. The firearms in the back of the van were found inside a gun safe.

Officers from Pittsburg PD responding to the reported theft of the van quickly apprehended both suspects. It was almost too easy to catch them.

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The location of the van was tracked by an OnStar vehicle security system equipped with GPS technology. From start to finish this incident on May 6 unfolded quickly.

Responding officers immediately headed downtown to catch the suspects. The suspects were pinpointed in the area of Railroad Avenue and East 3rd Street when they abandoned the van.

Two men attempted to flee from the scene, but officers overtook them in a foot chase. They were detained and arrested without further incident.

The suspects are Eddie Martinez, 43 of Vacaville, and Matthew B. Townsend, 23 of Bethel Island. Their charges are vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, and resisting arrest.

Accordingly, both men have prior arrest records involving illicit drug possession and thefts.

Officers who searched the van recovered approximately 10 firearms from inside a gun safe. A military Purple Heart medal found inside the van was also recovered as part of this ongoing investigation.

In a prepared statement Pittsburg police said. “We are unsure who the safe, guns and Purple Heart belongs to.”
Anyone with information about items recovered from the stolen van can call Pittsburg PD at 925-646-2441, ext. 375.

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