Bike shop employee spots stolen bike downtown

Bike shop employee spots stolen bike downtown
Photo: a thirsty Adam Brookwood

The Vacaville Police Department responded to a bicycle shop employee who noticed one of their stolen bikes out on the road –

“A local bicycle shop was made aware one of their patrons recently had their bicycle stolen.

On Saturday afternoon, one of their observant employees noticed what looked like the stolen bicycle being ridden downtown so they notified police.

When officers arrived they found Adam Brookwood (21 years old, Vacaville) had commandeered the bicycle and attached a trailer to tow his belongings.

Unfortunately Brookwood, who was also on Solano County probation, knew all too well that if you were caught stealing in Vacaville, it was a quick ticket to jail.

Brookwood was arrested for being in possession of stolen property, probation violation, and drug related charges and was booked into Solano County jail. We are happy to report the bicycle was returned to its rightful owner so she could enjoy her bike ride over the weekend.

With the recent statewide emergency order setting the bail at $0 for most misdemeanor and lower-level felony offenses, these type of crimes may seem to have less repercussions. Despite that perception, our officers are dedicated to the service our community expects and deserves, and will continue to work hard to keep our community safe.

We can’t be everywhere at once, so we value the partnerships we have established with our community and our local businesses. We want to thank the sharp employee that alerted us to this incident.”


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