Woman Arrested For Abusing Newborn Lamb

VACAVILLE – Vacaville police responded Saturday, May 11 to several emergency calls by residents of Elmira Road near Burger City Restaurant and arrested a woman for grievous mistreatment of a newborn baby “goat,” actually identified as a Barbados lamb according to a volunteer veterinarian.

Abused baby Barbados lamb

Lillian Wohn, 23, with no permanent address, had been observed kicking the defenseless animal and forcing beer down its throat. Witnesses intervened and managed to free the animal from the woman, who ran away. Several area residents chased her until police arrived and made the arrest.

The lamb was placed in the care of Solano County Humane Animal Services (SCHAS) officers who responded to an emergency call from Vacaville P.D. According to SCHAS Officer Putnam, a volunteer veterinarian treated the lamb and reported no serious injuries. A local 4-H family was contacted and agreed to provide foster care for the lamb, which was approximately 48 hours old and still had a portion of its umbilical cord attached. “The lamb is so young they’ll have to bottle feed it every two hours for a few weeks,” Officer Putnam stated.

Wohn meanwhile, who also reportedly abused the lamb by grabbing its front legs, twirling it around and then throwing it several feet, was booked into Solano County Jail. She was charged with Poisoning an Animal (Misdemeanor) and Cruelty To An Animal (Felony). She was unable post bail in the amount of $18,000 and was arraigned in the Solano County Court on Tuesday, May 14.

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