Three nabbed in brazen Target theft

Three nabbed in brazen Target theft
Photo : some of the recovered merchandise

Originally published as a Vacaville Police Department Facebook post – 

“Alright, let’s play a little “Price is Right” here.

How much stolen merchandise do you think this is? Remember, don’t go over, otherwise you automatically lose. Have your price? Alright, let’s go.

Today just before 2pm, two ladies brazenly emptied the shelves of baby formula at our local Target. As their carts were filled past the brim with goods, they skipped out the doors to a waiting car, emptied their loot inside and drove away.

But wait, this is Vacaville.

This is a place where our community members call us when they see something amiss. An astute Target employee saw what was happening, called dispatch, and provided a detailed description of the car and its direction of travel.

Officers immediately headed to the area and spotted the car near the Nike outlet. All the occupants complied with officers’ commands and were quickly detained. Inside of the vehicle, officers also found a 1-year-old sitting in a dirty car seat completely surrounded by containers of baby formula.

Inside of the vehicle, officers located a large amount of formula and other various items. Over $5,900 worth of stolen merchandise was recovered from the vehicle. (Did you win the Showcase Showdown with your guess?)

Target Loss Prevention advised they’d been investigating these individuals since 2020 due to their rampant theft of baby formula throughout the greater Sacramento area. They are believed to be tied to numerous thefts from varying Target stores with losses near $200k.

The driver, Tyler Siackasorn (25, Sacramento) was found to have an outstanding felony warrant for assault out of Sacramento. He and his two female passengers, Enedina Aguila (26, Sacramento) and Samara Avent (18, Sacramento) were all booked into the Solano County Jail on multiple felony charges relating to Organized Retail Theft.

Thank you to our alert retail employees! We couldn’t do it without you.”


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