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Patrolling Policeman nabs Pair of Purloining Prowlers

Photo: Barrett’s knuckles CLEARLAKE – Once in a while the basic patrol conducted by a law enforcement officer leads to the discovery of criminal activity. Such was the case on


Traffic Violation Leads to Half-Pound of Drugs

Photo: Jason Eugene Ashford A few hours into October 23rd, a police officer was patrolling the area of Cecil and Cain Street in Visalia. The officer spotted a vehicle driving


2 Women Detected by Cameras Arrested for Vehicle Thefts

TIBURON — All roads leading to Tiburon are equipped with cameras scanning everyone entering town. That’s how two women got caught driving a stolen car and burglarizing other vehicles. Monitoring


Stolen, Distinct Rims Give Thief Away

The problem with stealing something unique, besides the criminal offense, is how easy it is to identify. Such was the case on Monday, July 22nd when a detective of the


Tulare’s Habit Burger Robbed by Man with Box Cutter

Photo: Evan Borum The night of Monday July 8th, Evan Borum, a 21-year old from Tulare, is alleged to have robbed “The Habit Burger Grill” in Tulare. When Tulare Police


Petty Thieves Up Their Game with Arrests for Armed Robbery

Photo: the knives they brandished EMERYVILLE — A pair of prolific petty thieves—in and out of jail—upped their crime game. This time they got arrested for armed robbery. A witness


Home organizer in tony OC arrested for stealing from clients

Photo: Erin Aaberg An Aliso Viejo woman freelancing as a home organizer has been arrested for helping herself to some of her clients’ personal possessions, an action better known as

Santa Clara

Prowler arrested after woman watches him walk through her yard

Photo: Andrew Moriarity PALO ALTO – The Palo Alto Police Department made an arrest of a prowling suspect seen skulking around in the yard of a Palo Alto resident.  A


Man Arrested for Shoplifting and Machine Gun Possession

Photo: Ronald Hayes’ gun FREMONT — The holiday shopping season is hectic—all right. A man was arrested for shoplifting and three separate weapons charges, including machine gun possession. Certainly, shoppers


Man Detained for Shoplifting Recognized as Arson Suspect

Photo: Rodney Rushing SAN LEANDRO — A suspect detained by security guards for shoplifting was arrested by police for arson. Officers dispatched to handle a shoplifting incident recognized the man