Fleeing Shoplifting Suspect Finds Trouble in Multiple Jurisdictions

Fleeing Shoplifting Suspect Finds Trouble in Multiple Jurisdictions

NEWARK — A 29-year-old man pursued on suspicion of shoplifting was arrested after he ran across several rooftops. The same suspect was also booked for an outstanding felony warrant. Two days later he was arrested again for another incident.

Extra patrols were being conducted by Newark officers in response to a recent uptick in shoplifting reports. On June 13 at approximately 5 p.m., an officer spotted a suspicious man.

It seems he walked out of a business on Thornton Avenue carrying two buckets containing stolen merchandise. When he saw the officer watching him, the man dropped both buckets. He immediately ran towards a nearby residential neighborhood.

With police in pursuit, he climbed over a backyard fence and next climbed onto a roof. He continued fleeing jumping from rooftop to neighboring rooftop.

A short time later, officers located the man walking along a sidewalk and detained him. A background check revealed the suspect was Saul Ramos, 29 of Hayward.

Moreover, Ramos had an outstanding felony arrest warrant in the Los Angeles area. For his actions in Newark, Ramos was booked at the Fremont Detention Facility.

His charges are petty theft, possession of a controlled substance and prowling on private property.

In addition, Ramos was also booked for his outstanding warrant. This involved allegedly carrying a loaded firearm on his person or vehicle in a public place.

He was subsequently arrested again on June 15 by Union City Police for vandalism, trespassing, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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