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Man Arrested for Shoplifting and Machine Gun Possession

Photo: Ronald Hayes’ gun FREMONT — The holiday shopping season is hectic—all right. A man was arrested for shoplifting and three separate weapons charges, including machine gun possession. Certainly, shoppers


Task Force Seizure of Meth, Marijuana, Guns

Photo: Task Force display seized drugs and guns ARBUCKLE – The Colusa County Task Force conducted a drug related search at a residence in the 400 block of California Avenue


Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Friend while Driving Drunk

Photo: victim Darren Walker FREMONT — What happened was tragic for the victim and the suspect. A man with prior DUIs was arrested again—only now he is accused of killing

Santa Clara

San Jose Parental Abduction Ends in Colorado

Photo: Diana Moreira SAN JOSE – The San Jose Police Department has announced the arrest of 33-year-old Diana Moreira after she kidnapped her two children and fled to Colorado Springs,


Multi-agency Effort Busts Ten Offenders

Photo: Squatter’s location Ventura – The collaborative efforts of an impressive range of law enforcement agencies were brought into play in the October 12th arrests of ten offenders suspected of


Drug Related Search Warrant Yields Three Arrests

Photo: 400 block of California Avenue ARBUCKLE – The Colusa County Task force served a drug related search warrant on October 16 at 7:00 a.m. In the first place, agents


She Stole a Power Tool, Fled with Child in Car

Photo: Rosaline Thomas AUBURN – She stole a power tool, fled with her child in the car and tried to scream her way out of it. On Tuesday a Sacramento


They Grow Illegal Marijuana in Calaveras County Too

Photo: Calaveras grow site SAN ANDREAS – Apparently they grow illegal marijuana in Calaveras County too.  On September 5 the CCSO Marijuana Enforcement Team went to the 1400 block of


Child Exchange Turned Violent, Father Flees with Daughter

Photo: Ricardo Hernandez TULARE – What was supposed to be a child exchange turned violent on September 6. The attempted exchange went south when the victim’s ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old Ricardo Hernandez,

San Diego

Hemet assault rifle arrest turns up police badge

Photo: Jeovanny Landeros HEMET – Police in Hemet say a man arrested for possessing an assault rifle had other questionable items as well. He also had a police badge and